Black, Tan, Grey Yorkie Maltese Mix Dog
Black, Tan, Grey Yorkie Maltese Mix Dog
Listing Type: Lost Pet
Zip: 48843
State: MI
Type: Dog
Breed: Yorkie Maltese Mix
Pet Name: Lily
Color: Black, Tan, Grey
Sex: Female
Date Lost: 3/29/2012
Date Listed: 9/27/2012
Microchipped?: No

PLEASE HELP ME! I have tried so hard to bring her home.  I have sent flyers to over 5,000 addresses in Howell through a bulk mailing by the post office, I have had search and rescue tracking dogs to try and track down her scent, I have sent flyers to every business, shelter, restaurant, humane society, vets, groomers, landscaping, home healthcare nurses, pet psychics, apartments, telephone poles, colleges, interior painters, radio, tv, and so much more, throughout several counties.   You name it and I've done it.   I have put articles in the newspaper pleading for her return.  I have stood on the corner of busy intersections with her poster so I can keep putting her face out there, I have gone door to door handing out even more flyers. I have visited all the shelters every chance I could get hoping that one day, I will see her little face and get to hold her again. I have walked around festivals with my poster held high continuing to spread her awareness. And that's just a handful of what I have done and what I continue to do.  I am running out of options and I beg you for your help. Being away from my little girl is tearing me apart. STILL MISSING!    $1000 REWARD for whoever returns her to us safely!!  No Questions Asked!!   My little Lily (Yorkie/ Maltese mix) went missing in Howell, MI off of Grand Oaks drive and Grand River on March 29, 2012.  She was taken from the business Northern Recreation. She is a 2 year old female, 4-5lbs, black, tan, and grey.      PLEASE help me find her, I love and miss her so much.  I can't eat or sleep, and I feel like my heart has been shattered.  She helped me get through my father's passing and I can't imagine living without her.      Call me with any information....I greatly appreciate any help at all to bringing her home.  I am not giving up and I will NOT rest until she is in my arms!  Thank you. Tricia (989) 277-9632

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