Found Pets Bulk Upload

The bulk found pets feature allows Shelters to upload mass amounts of found pets very quickly.

Use the file browser below to select your comma seperated values (CSV) file, or Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet file.
NOTE: Your Excel document's data must be on a worksheet named "Sheet1". The sample file below is already in the required format.

Download a sample layout for Microsoft® Excel here. If you wish to use a CSV, your fields must be seperated by comma's, your field data cannot contain any comma's. Your fields must also be in a specific order.

  • pet_type (Dog, Cat, Bird, Rabbit, Other)
  • breed
  • color
  • pet_name
  • sex (Male, Female, Unknown)
  • is_microchipped (Yes, No, Unknown) Note change in acceptable attributes
  • listing_date
  • additional_information
  • name
  • address1
  • address2
  • city
  • state_code
  • zipcode
  • phone_number
  • email_address
  • shelter_name